All About Us

Essential Queensland is a key raw materials ingredient supplier of rosin and turpentine to the pine chemicals and hydrocarbon industry. Utilising its unique and innovative 'Natural Oleoresin' production process, from resinous pine logs, and access to Australia's sustainable high yielding pine logs to achieve this.

We have an amazing team who are all talented and on board with this vision and support it by doing their job to the best they can and helping us reach our goals.
We invite you to browse through our inventory and contact us with any questions.


Extraction Plant Build Project

Structure in Place

Essential Queensland is currently in the building stage of their Extraction Plant. This plant will allow us to produce approx 8000 tonne of pine chemicals a year. 

The photos you see are our team getting the process platforms in place, over 450 tonne of concrete has been poured in the ground, not including steel, to support our factory that will be placed on the pads. 

Our platform is 90% completed with minor changes once our equipment arrives. 

Pilot Plant

Terpenes Extraction Plant

The first plant that was placed on Essential Queensland's site was the Pilot Plant. We extracted terpenes from it, and exported our product to our customers.  

We were able to maximise revenues on our woodchip that we processed. 

This plant has been decommissioned to enable room for our new extraction plant that extracts rosin and terpenes. 

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