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How natural are you?

When processed through the factory, all the off cuts are sold and do not go to waste, our factory is sustainable and clean and there is no waste. Our product replaces petrochemical sourced products in the market. 

How to Invest? 

Check out our Investment page and follow the link! There are Investment Rooms with our documents you can view on pages, getting in touch with us through these rooms on Angel Investment and Wholesale Investment are a great and easy way to start the relationship. 

What is the process?

We are the first company in Australia to extract turpentine and resin out of pine trees. This has been done in multiple locations around the world previously by our Managing director, a very skillful and accurate process is followed, starting from the selection of logs from the forest, to the placement of those logs on our chipper and the extraction of our logs through the plant that is designed especially for our environment and logs to ensure we get the best results.

Woodchip Customers?

We have main customers and companies we sell to and work with. Enquiries about purchasing our spare woodchip can be made to

Job Vacancies?

Looking to be apart of our team? We are a growing and innovative business and are always wanting team orientated, ambitious and committed team members! We'll update vacancies on our website

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