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Ray and Mikaela arrived in London ready for the Emergence Conference after attending the conference held in Singapore. Again there were a few events to attend. The Thursday night before the conference an event was held at Madison's Rooftop bar and restaurant, St Paul's cathedral was the view! Ray and Mikaela connected with people they had met from other businesses in Singapore and also met new people, some from various businesses and some were investors.

Friday was a big day, arriving at 7:30am at the etc. Venues County Hall in London for a day full of presentations and networking. Ray stood up to share and his view was of Parliament House! Ray presented the same pitch as he did in Singapore, the slides showed the highlights, financials, big picture and what Essential Queensland needs to help us get closer to the rosin factory. It was great to hear other companies pitches and speak with people about our company and what we do and hear their story and what they do. It is a very interesting, educating and beneficial event for everyone! During the networking times, various people from various places come through to see the companies. A representative from the Queensland Government was in London on holiday and happened to pop in for the day and heard Ray present, a colleague from Australia House in London was there too, it was great to meet them. Ray was invited to have meetings in Australia House while in London and work there if necessary, that was so helpful for him and the support was greatly appreciated.

Essential Queensland's table was set up again with the video showing the process of our factory, pages to collect information to follow up the people we had spoken to, our banner, cards and flyers were there and of course our samples of turpentine and rosin. This was always popular, people wanting to smell it, hold it and Mikaela was asked numerous times if they could eat it or add it to their coffee! O and most importantly the food served there was always good!

The cocktail function was hosted by Gately Plc and held at their London offices next door to St Paul's Cathedral. Ray and Mikaela talked to interesting people and made great connections and relationships with people.

A few days after the event, Ray had meetings in Australia House and there are also emails and calls as follow ups to complete. A great time was had in London, Essential Queensland have come out with 36 follow ups of potential investors! The whole trip at these conferences was very worthwhile, a learning time and an important next step that EQ was meant to take we believe.

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