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Working in Singapore, Wholesale Investor.

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Ray and Mikaela have been in Singapore last week at a conference with Wholesale Investors. Ray was presenting at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. He had 10 minutes to present the company pitch which included a 15 page slide describing the companies highlights, financials, big picture and what Essential Queensland needs to help us to get closer to the rosin factory which is already designed and ready to get going once the investment is coming in.

Thursday night was a launch for CRIISP which is our room of documents and folders that people can access. Here they met with other businesses also presenting and investors. Good connections were made, but they didn't stop there. The conference started on Friday at 7:30am and went to 7:30pm, this included listening to companies present their pitch and then meeting and talking with people about our company. They also followed up with the people they had met and met new people. Hearing their stories and what they do is interesting and also it's nice to meet people on a personal level as well as a professional and business level. Ray presented well at the conference, he spoke with passion about the company and explained how we roll and explained our process. For Ray getting up and speaking about Essential Queensland is easy as it's what he knows and what he breathes, nerves are still there but not evident. Ray and Mikaela were either listening to other pitches or at their own table talking and meeting new people. The table where Essential Queensland got to display everything for the day had a video showing the process of the factory, a book to gather contact details and information, flyers and business cards and our banner was displayed there beside it too. Of course samples of our turpentine and rosin we have made was there too. A cocktail function followed the conference, here the more serious of the investors came and it was a relational time as well as great business chats occurred. Food was always provided, when the food was brought out, so many people came that we had never seen before there at the conference. One man kept his backpack beside our table at lunch. He first took 4 bread rolls, about ten minutes later he took another 4 into his bag. Before he took his bag, looked both ways and scurried away like a little rat, he took a cup of some noodle crab dish and tried to smuggle that into his bag, then fled. All a great experience and good connections, now to be done again in London!

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