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Turpentine (Pine Terpines)

Unbeatable Quality


Turpentine (Pine Terpenes)

We are the only company in Australia that is extracting turpentine out of pine trees, we manufacture gum turpentine. Our turpentine is exported out of Australia to our customers in large quantities. Pine Terpenes are used in the formulation of food flavouring essences, disinfectants, health products and perfumes.

Turpentine Process

To make our turpentine we use a continuous counter flow steam distillation process, that is chemical free. It is immiscible with water and has a high boiling point. Turpentine also has very good refractive qualities.


Some pine derived chemicals are in 50% of all cosmetic products that contain fragrances.

Turpentine (Pine Terpines): Features
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